lost love

lost love

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5 stars. Jzev
This book is truly incredible! It is helpful and inspiring. The app is well worth it!!

Extremely insightful and relatable!
5 stars. LTadlock
This app is fantastic! All of the things that are mentioned within the app, that I've read so far, are so real and down-to-earth, and are therefore extremely helpful in aiding one to recognize the "issues" in one's own relationship. Plus, it doesn't end at recognizing the negative aspects of the relationship, but it goes on to share very realistic ways to help "fix" and change those problems to heal the issues within. Thank you so much for this app!

Use the advise
3 stars. M&R J
If more folks would take this advice and actually use it in their daily lives I think there would be a sharp decline in the divorce rate. The trick is using it.

4 stars. DF Buddy
Makes you think. Allows you to feel. Helps you to love.

Nice app
5 stars. E. Thakur
I like this app and nice to use to think about my relationship. Has good tips on it and messages.
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2013 Writer's Digest 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards Summary

The authors' goal is to help the reader spot potential problems in a relationship, especially in a marriage, before they get out of hand and destroy the partnership. The signs and signals might seem obvious, but the authors cleverly and creatively list 401 different things that can weaken a relationship; warning signs that might, in many cases, be too subtle to be seen close-up. The book, in fact, is divided into just thee sections: 'Love Is Weakened When...,' 'Love Is Felt When...,' and 'Love Is Reignited When.....'

The examples are often fun to read while being relevant at the same time. The small volume also has aphorisms and quotes from Shakespeare to Sinatra. The theme here, obviously, is around behavior toward a partner and toward oneself. Often, human behavior goes unobserved by the person doing the behavior. This book hopes to clarify that in terms of love relationships... They have reduced their observations down to capsules for each swallowing...

The subtitle '365+ Ways Couples Grow Apart without Realizing It and How To Reclaim You Closeness' subtly suggests one insight a day from the book could be a couple's daily project for a year.

Lost Love captures the struggles, expectations and challenges couples face. This book offers relationships hope and renewed dreams.

Discover the healthy things that keep our love alive plus intimate and practical ways we can care for one another in a committed relationship. Identify the unspoken hurts couples feel but don't know how to express and find healing ways to enrich your relationship.

This book holds no age, race, religion or sexual preference boundaries. The wisdom contained is for everyone and anyone. It is a wonderful and refreshing way to identify where you have been in love, and where you wish to be. If you are ready to improve your relationship and understand Love's language, this is the tool.

"If sensuality were happiness, beasts were happier than men;
but human felicity is lodged in the soul, not in the flesh."


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